by Aisling Harrington-Tolfrey


Three of my favourite products. 

I love a product that can do more than one job. Lipstick used as a blush, an eyeshadow that doubles up as cheek contour or a brow powder that I can also use as eye colour. It’s fun to play around and to mix and match what you’ve got in your make-up bag – and to see what you can do with very little. 

I just love this eyebrow kit. It will give you perfectly precise brows in seconds and they won’t smudge no matter how much you might sweat! The semi-permanent powders are super-high in pigmentation, gliding and staying easily on both hair and bare skin. It makes shaping your brows incredibly quick and streamlined, resulting in an easy-to-achieve shape and perfectly precise arch. The brow stencils come in three different shapes – Vivid, Naturale and Elegant and are guaranteed to suit almost everyone’s individual style. Each of the three stencil shapes comes in both rounded-edge and square-edge finish.

So say goodbye to thin, sparse and crooked eyebrows. Nothing lifts and frames a face as beautifully or as super-quick. This brow-shaping kit will change your life forever! I also use it sometimes as eyeshadows, socket shading and liner so although it’s expensive, it really does double-up.  Available on line just click the picture above, or in Bahrain City Centre just down from  Bath and Body Work. 

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage, I’ve searched high and low for a concealer that lasts and does the job as well, but always come back to it time and time again. Not only can it be used to conceal blemishes and uneven pigmentation, it’s also great to mix with a light reflective pen for extra under-eye coverage or a bit of brightening wherever you need it. And if you don’t want to carry or wear full foundation, simply blend with your usual face cream or moisturiser and apply with a brush to make a super lightweight make-up base. Available in 8 good duo palettes, so theres a good chance you'll find one that matches your skin tone perfectly.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant,  When Elizabeth Arden first created this multi-purpose balm back in 1936, she couldn’t possibly have imagined how many fans it would have 79 years on! A mix of petrolatum, beta hydroxy acid (which gently exfoliates) and vitamin E, it can be used anywhere and everywhere, as a lip balm, cuticle cream, brow tamer, as well as being mixed with lipstick to make a tinted lipbalm.

So these are a few of my go to favourites, what are the heroes of your make-up bag?