Juice Detox

by Aisling Harrington-Tolfrey in

So here we go. Jason Vale here I come. Why not. I swear to god it has been like Christmas in my house since last November. Not one, or two but three Turkey's we cooked. I'll rephrase that, my husband cooked. Hey, who I am to stand in his way. Just saying. All joking aside I do get stuck in beside him. I am more of a "short order chef' happy to peel the spuds and prep all the veg. Sure that's where most the work is.

My timings are ridiculous, no joke. I would have my veg on with the Sunday roast an hour before serving. I just panic and can't go bang, bang, twenty minutes, serve. Plus, you would think I had all my family coming to dinner. The amount of food, I put on. It must be an Irish thing. Going back to the Famine, who knows. Growing up my Mammy always cooked plenty. Must be in the genes. Not that I am going to be  getting any knocks at the door for dinner. Lucky enough to have one sister close by, big smile on my face.

Talk about totally going off in a tangent. Well, what I am trying to say, is that I have been eating like a pig since November. Now, I know I am the only one to blame. My problem is, I am either very good or just bad, bad bad. Sorry no point putting it any other way, than the truth. 

My personality is totally addictive. I either drink no diet coke, or copious amounts. Can not even keep ice cream in the house, unless it's vanilla or strawberry. Which could stay forever, as not my cup of tea at all.

 I am no vanilla girl, chocolate all the way. Picked up the most delicious ice cream the other day from Midway supermarket, in Saar. It was mint chocolate chip and was just a little over a dinar for a pint. I did gasp when I paid for it. I told the nice lady on the check out, that had I bought a similar quality up the road, in Alosra it would have been double the price, if not more. It was gorgeous. Now don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with ice-cream. The same with everything, It's all about moderation. A little of everything and not to deprive yourself. I can hightly recommend it so go raid your local Midway.

So to the purpose of tonights blog, get on with it Aisling I say. Tomorrow! I am going to start Jason Vale's super juice me. Now I am not going to do the whole 28 days, as I am going home to Ireland soon. So no way I'll be sipping beetroot juice on Paddy's Day in Dublin. No no. But until I go home I will try my best to follow the plan. 

I have juiced before and my hair, nails and skin felt amazing, So we'll see how I get on. Plus as I'm sitting here now after eating to  much Fakhrudinn my stomach is pressing on my skinny jeans. Not the look we are after.  Fakhnrudin is a local Lebanese and I just had baba ghanouj, fattouch and sish tawouk. Forgot to mention the Saj bread. Oh my lord that bread is dangerous. So light like a pancake, divine.

So D day tomorrow. The plan is as follows for Day one. I have to do 30 minutes of high impact exercise. He says do it right meaning until you sweat...... a lot!

Ginger shot  9.55am. Protein Rich Powerhouse 10am & 7pm. Breath of Fresh Air 1pm & 4pm.

So I'll keep you posted. 

I will sign off for the night.

Aisling in Bahrain x