Organic Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm

by Aisling Harrington-Tolfrey

My all round must have is the Boots Botanics 97% Organic Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm from the high street.

I know I've mentioned this balm before, but it's a really effective makeup remover, has good slip for facial massage and a great price point - it's one of the only really good cleansing balms I've tried only BD6 (if you've used any others, I'd love to know which ones you rate - tell me in the comments). It has a luxe, buttery texture and a formula rich in shea butter, rosehip, sweet almond and jojoba oils, good for all skin types. I find it can leave a little bit of moisture film on skin after rinsing, so if you're oily or combo you might want to follow up with a face wash or sweep of micellar water/rose water afterwards.

As a cleansing fanatic I believe it's essential for clear and radiant skin, I have a lot of cleansers in my arsenal, and will reach for different textures depending on how much time I have and how much makeup I need to remove. Balms are one of my favourite cleansing textures for days when I'm wearing more makeup than usual, as they help to emulsify and dissolve it all away quickly (although I sometimes use a separate eye makeup remover first). I also like to use them when I have time to do a facial massage, in which case I'll do one cleanse with the balm to remove makeup, then apply again for massage. Balms are great for this as they stay slippy on the skin whilst also giving slight grip, so you can gently stimulate your skin without pulling or dragging. They're also easy to use (massage onto dry skin, add a little water to emulsify and remove with a damp cloth - which gently exfoliates, too) and work really well on most skin types as they cleanse and nourish without stripping skin.


Altrient C a must have if your serious about your Vitamin C.

by Aisling Harrington-Tolfrey


US Version
A slightly unusual one for a review, but these seem to be too good to not talk about. 


What is it?

A bioavailable vitamin C. 

Who is it for?

Everyone except those medically contraindicated.

What’s in it?

Vitamin C (as sodium ascorbate), Phospholipids (from soy lecithin), Phosphatidylcholine, Phosphatidylethanolamine, Phosphatidylinositol, Deionized Water, Sodium Ascorbate, Lecithin Phospholipids, Alcohol (12% w/w), Xanthum Gum, EDTA. Citric Acid, Calcium Disodium

What’s not in it?

sugar, starch, artificial flavours, artificial colours, meat products, dairy products, wheat, gluten and yeast

How do you use it?

Very specifically. Neck it like a shot. Minimal fluids, one gulp.

How long before you should see results?

Well you won’t ‘see’ results, but it hits your bloodstream immediately, so you may ‘feel’ them.

How much is it? /Size/Approximate cost per usage?

In the US they are $29.95 and in the UK you get screwed – they are £35.99, both boxes contain 30 sachets.

*Due to the differing governing laws in the USA/EU they are called Altrient in the EU – same liposomes, same good effect. Don’t make the same mistake I made and order the original if you live in the UK – they’re £44.00 on Amazon instead of £35.99 through distributors (details below). 

What’s good about it?

We need vitamin C for a multitude of reasons – including:

To help protect cells from the damage caused by free radicals – same as your anti-ageing serums, except these work internally. 
To support a healthy immune system – especially coming into winter!
To support collagen production for healthier skin, muscles and joints – all of us, every day all day. Vitamin C is vital for your collagen, if yours is slacking, step it up.
To promote muscle repair – great for those of you that are particularly active, workout a lot/run/have busy lifestyles, kids, everything..
To support healthy gums – because who wants their teeth to fall out? 😉
Traditionally vitamin C is hard to digest and ingest. These are encapsulated and protected by microscopic bubbles called Liposomes. Liposomes are made of phospholipids, the same material that makes up cells. This allows the nutrient to pass through your cell membranes, unlike other vitamin c products which frequently linger in the system before they are excreted in your urine. 

A lot of vitamin C products on the market can be flushed from your system, Lypo-Spheric passes through your digestive system unharmed. There is no bowel intolerance and no vitamin flush meaning more of the nutrient reaches your cells. Apparently a very famous woman whose name rhymes with Bineth Haltrow takes 6 of these before she gets on a plane. 

The extremely popular vitamin C powders – EmergenC are marketed well and cute to take, but they are full, full of sugar. In the original Orange flavoured 9g sachet, there are 6g of sugar. Same for the kid’s version.

What’s not so good about it?

They’re expensive, but you get what you pay for. 

Would I purchase/repurchase?

I already have. These will be a solid addition to my tight supplement routine.

Available from:

USA – or Liposome-encapsulated/lypo-spheric-vitamin-c

UK – or  

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The French Way to Wash Your Hair with Dessange Bahrain

by Aisling Harrington-Tolfrey

So when Dessange Bahrain asked me to sneak away for a blow-out, I didn't know what to expect. If the truth be told I didn't expect to see any major difference. A blow dry is a blow ? I could  not have been more wrong!

 Needless to say, I found myself standing in the  salon after the most amazing 111 Skin facial. (Sorry I’m not sorry.) I was ushered into the Dessange shampoo bar, I put my phone down and enjoyed the experience.

 This was no regular shampoo. The  process began with a customized mask and head massage, followed by a shampoo in a sleek leather massage chair, and finished with a blow-dry with fresh-from-the-package brushes. 

 Not only did I leave looking refreshed despite a morning surrounded by 25 , 4-5 year olds. I was told that I  didn’t have to wash my hair for five days. I am not sure, if I believed it at the time. Day 3 and my hair is still perfect. I have never experienced anything like it. I was a bit in shock the following morning when not a strand was out of place.

Apparently shampoo sales are significantly lower in France than other parts of the world.  It is a concept I plan to adopt immediately.

I’m happy to report I haven’t shampooed in three days and my hair looks as if I just left the salon. Nor have I cheated and used dry shampoo as a survival mechanism. I think it may even last 6 days. 

 Monsieur Dessange had three parameters for chic: hair, nails, and shoes. But after this last trip to Dessange Bahrain, I think I’ve finally nailed the French triple threat.

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Tel.  1771 3999 Dessange Bahrain.


5 Beauty Lies Most of Us Believe 

by Aisling Harrington-Tolfrey


The world of beauty can indeed be beautiful, but all too often the information you get is anything but beautiful—actually, it can be downright ugly! Sometimes the advertising and sales pitches you read and hear are minor distortions of facts or borderline deceptive; in other cases, they are out-and-out lies. Whether this information comes from a physician or from a well-intentioned website, I spends a lot of time untangling the insanity to help you get to the truth.

Below I present five beauty lies that many people believe. Perhaps you have come across this information in a magazine or online, or heard it from your doctor, a friend or a family member. No matter how you got this misinformation or where you heard these lies, I'm here to set the record straight—to give you the most up-to-date, reliable information so you can take the best possible care of your skin! Knowledge is beautiful! 

Lie number 1: Dry skin? Drink more water!

The truth: We see this tip all the time, and wish it were true; after all, it doesn't get much easier than just drinking water! But, have you ever met someone who said that their dry skin went away from drinking lots of water? It doesn't happen. The truth is dry skin isn't about water consumption. If all it took to get rid of dry skin was drinking more water, then no one would have dry skin, and companies would stop selling moisturisers—and we all know that's not the case! The causes of and treatments for dry skin are far more complicated than just drinking water; plus, drinking more water than your body needs will only result in more trips to the bathroom. 

Lie number 2: You can repair damaged hair.

The truth: Countless hair-care products, including hair masks and so-called "deep" conditioners, make claims of repairing hair, as if all the damaging things we do to it (colouring, straightening, brushing, sun exposure) can be mended by using these types of products. The truth is hair is dead. Period. It's dead, which is why it doesn't hurt when you get your hair cut and because it's dead, it cannot be repaired or permanently revert to its normal state. You can no more mend a hair strand than you can mend a dead leaf. What does happen when you use good conditioners and good styling products is that your damaged hair can feel smoother and softer and it can look shinier and more healthy, but it's not repaired. These products provide only a temporary fix—if you don't keep using them, you hair will go back to looking and feeling damaged. If a hair-care product could truly repair your hair, you'd need to use it only a few times and then you'd be done, but clearly that isn't what happens!

Lie number 3: There's a product that can get rid of cellulite.

The truth: The 85% of women who have cellulite would love it if this were true , but, alas, it's just one more falsehood. The cosmetics industry, and lots of doctors and aestheticians, want to sell you products and/or provide treatments (especially expensive ones) claiming to slim, trim, tone and de-bump your thighs, but if any of those worked, who would have cellulite? 

Trying to navigate and separate cellulite facts from fiction isn't easy, but there is a bit of positive news. There are a few options, such as some lasers and retinoids, that may make a difference, but even these treatments, which do have some potential for working (and we mean only the "potential" for working; it's not a sure thing) rarely live up to the claims asserted. Still, a bit of improvement, as opposed to merely wasting your money, is definitely a turn for the better! 

Lie number 4: One special ingredient (like vitamin C or peptides) is all ageing skin needs.

The truth: Given the advertising, it would seem that most cosmetics companies believe this is true—that one ingredient alone can do it all—because they perpetually launch products with one showcased ingredient, be it plant stem cells, a special melon extract from the south of France, or a plant oil from Morocco. Although there are lots of special ingredients that are great for skin (and hair), the truth is that giving your skin what it needs to act younger and be more healthy is far more complex than providing it with one ingredient, no matter how good it is. 

Skin is the body's largest organ and it needs an array of beneficial ingredients to protect and repair itself from environmental assaults and the effects of ageing. Looking for skin-care products with one superstar ingredient cheats your skin of the range of ingredients it needs to significantly improve. Think of it like your diet: Vegetables are nutritional powerhouses, but if you eat only vegetables, you soon will be malnourished because veggies alone don't provide everything the body needs to maintain itself and stay healthy.

Lie number5: Parabens are bad for you, so avoid products that contain them.



The truth: The "parabens = bad" myth is so pervasive that many people have opted to take a better-safe-than-sorry approach. We can't say we blame you for being cautious, but make sure your decision is based on facts, not on media-fuelled misinformation. As it turns out, parabens are actually some of the gentlest preservatives used in cosmetics. 

Parabens may come in the form of butylparaben, ethylparaben, isobutylparaben, methylparaben or propylparaben. They've been linked distantly (meaning in limited studies on only a handful of subjects or in animal studies) to breast cancer due to their weak oestrogenic activity and their presence in a tiny number of breast cancer tissue samples. That cancer connection, however remote, has some people worried. The truth is: There is no research proving parabens should be avoided when shopping for personal-care products, for yourself or for your family, at least no more so than avoiding plants that have oestrogenic activity. 

According to published research and global cosmetics regulatory organisations, from the United States and Canada to Europe and Asia, parabens, especially in the small amounts present in personal-care products, are not a problem. According to these studies (and assuming the parabens get into the body), parabens are "fully metabolised before they enter the blood stream," which is more than can be said for some plant extracts with oestrogenic activity, but no one is trying to scare you into avoiding plants. 

In a review of the research into the oestrogenic activity of parabens, the study's author concluded that based on maximum daily exposure estimates, "it was impossible that parabens could increase the risk associated with exposure to oestrogenic chemicals." Although more cosmetics companies have opted to avoid parabens, those who continue to preserve their products with them are not making a mistake. Parabens are among the most effective (and safest) preservatives around. Indeed, their undeserved reputation has left many cosmetics chemists scrambling to find equally effective options. 

The next time you come across a beauty tip or a claim that sounds too simple, too good to be true or downright scary, you can almost always count on it being a beauty lie—and you can count on us to help you understand why! 


Gallery 21 BH

by Aisling Harrington-Tolfrey

What a way to start the morning after the ball. Had a wonderful morning in Gallery 21 BH learning how to make croissants. The delicious recipe is posted below if anyone would like to try your hand at making them. It was a real treat to see Chef Michael in his natural environment. This is a super chic place to go for a bite to eat. Looking forward to bringing my sisters here for breakfast. #gallerycafe #masterclass #foodie #bahrainbloggers##mumsinbahrain #gallery21bh #croissant #stpatricksday #breakfast

by Aisling Harrington-Tolfrey

Three sisters in Bahrain and our first St. Patrick's Day Ball together. So blessed to have two of my sisters in Bahrain. Funny how life works out. I was away at boarding school when Sinead, on the right was little. Siobhan has been away from Ireland, for many years. I have to pinch myself sometimes. You just never know what's around the corner. This little gem of and island has brought us together. For me it's the hearts of the people here,that makes this place so special. Just a pity Ceire my other sister wasn't there too. Thank you Bahrain this Month for the photo. #sistersinbahrain #blessed 

Stuart Weitzman's classic corkswoon pump is still going strong.

by Aisling Harrington-Tolfrey

THE CORKSWOON PUMP   BHD 231.90  Color: Nice Blue Suede 


BHD 231.90 Color: Nice Blue Suede 

One of its most famous fans is Royal Highness Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. She first wore this wedge  back in 2012.  She has worn her Corkswoons to multiple public engagements over the last few years.  Here she is wearing them with a Diane Von Furstenberg dress in Australia, in 2014:

Color:   Nice Blue Suede

Color: Nice Blue Suede

Stuart Weitzman Corkswoon wedge has a heel of approximately 4.5 inches, a 1.25 inch platform and a rubber sole.  They are made in Spain.  

Stuart Weitzman adds extra padding under the Corkswoon’s insole to cushion the bottom of your foot, making these shoes super comfortable to walk around in. The wedge heel is high, but the platform and special graded design ensures your foot maintains a comfortable pitch at a natural angle, so you can wear these wedges all day long.

So if you fancy splashing out on a classic pair of wedges, then look no further. They'll give you a great bit of height and are so comfortable that you can nearly run in them. Available in three colours, nice blue suede, caramel leo raffia and pyrite nocturm.:

Color:   Caramel Leo Raffia

Color: Caramel Leo Raffia

Color:   Pyrite Nocturn

Color: Pyrite Nocturn

Click to shop Stuart Weitzman Corkswoon wedge

I love them and hope you do too.


Aisling in Bahrain. 

Boho cool glammour with River Island

by Aisling Harrington-Tolfrey

Cut down to the floor, you'll look effortlessly glamorous in this textured blue maxi dress. Kimono style sleeves and a belted wrap front combine to make it a flattering choice too. Priced at a  £60.00 click the image to shop.


There's nothing more sexy than a pair of glamorous caged heels. Whether it's cocktail hour, or a special occasion, these metallic trim heels have got you covered, and feature a zip back fastening for ease of wear. Heel height 11cm. £65.00 a fraction of the cost of Jimmy Choo,. Click the image to shop.

GOLD TONE TASSEL LAYER NECKLACE   With a double chain and tassel design, this gold tone necklace will elevate your everyday outfits. Short necklace length 20cm, pendant 10cm; long necklace length 38cm, pendant 13cm.   Priced at  £25.00, click the image to shop.       


With a double chain and tassel design, this gold tone necklace will elevate your everyday outfits. Short necklace length 20cm, pendant 10cm; long necklace length 38cm, pendant 13cm. Priced at £25.00, click the image to shop. 



GOLD TONE MINI TUSK HAIR CROWN  Embellish your look with this gold tone hair crown. Decorated with miniature tusk pendants, it's a winning choice for pool-bar glamour.  £8.00 click image to shop.


Embellish your look with this gold tone hair crown. Decorated with miniature tusk pendants, it's a winning choice for pool-bar glamour. £8.00 click image to shop.

Affordable ‪Fashion with H&M

by Aisling Harrington-Tolfrey

Who doesn't love a little bit of affordable fashion, at just BD4.900. Just love these little straw clutch bags with gold chain detail. Stumbled across them in H&M Seef yesterday. They will bring you from day to night and are classic. Perfect for the summer. Available in three different colours yellow, gold and baby blue. Spoilt for choice. Which one is for you? 

Aisling in Bahrain x